Advocate’s Digital Asset Management tools allow you to capture your content, catalogue it, repurpose it and approve it through the Internet, saving you significant time and money.

Advocate Digital Asset Management (DAM) is a hosted solution that enables users to efficiently access, upload, share and organize their digital assets such as, photos, videos, graphics and multiple versions of marketing materials online. Advocate DAM helps minimize time spent searching for files, identifying the master copy, re-purposing for different uses and distributing. There’s no additional hardware or software to install on your local network. Implementation of DAM saves users the resources and expenses associated with the server hardware, IT infrastructure and maintenance personnel required to host one’s own enterprise solution.

This solution provides more than just digital archiving or storage capabilities; it is also capable of project creation and custom workflows. Utilizing Adobe flex technology, our DAM infrastructure allows for efficient integration and uploading of assets by way of the Adobe Air Importer. Assets are imported seamlessly into the system, enabling the user to be up and running much faster than traditional archiving systems.

Centralizing content in a DAM repository is the first major step in streamlining business processes that support the operational efforts of an organization’s brand, content and distribution assets.


  • Production/Project Asset Management - Storage, organization and revision control of frequently changing assets (WIP DAM).
  • Save time - Having things organized and easy to access reduces the amount of time it takes to produce, approve, and share campaign collateral — whether the destination is online or inhand.
  • Flexibility – access to your content is never more than an Internet connection away-every hour of the day.
  • Library Asset Management - Storage and retrieval of large amounts of media assets. This is also ideal for long-term backup and Disaster Recovery Programs (DRP).
  • Brand Control – Historical data can be designated as view only while only the most up-to-date versions are fully accessible for re-use.
  • Fewer Errors - The latest file of your products and specifications are maintained and identified on the system so you can be sure you’re accessing the most up-to-date, approved version.
  • Security – Documents and files are accessed via a secure, password-protected site. Each user has a personal ID, allowing different levels of access and the system can give you a handy report of who has made changes, when.
  • Cost Savings – With this well organized system you can capture your content, repurpose it, identify current versions of files and approve it – through any standard web browser-saving you significant time and money while reducing human error.
  • Digital Supply Chain – You can push digital content out to external systems. This is excellent for Photo/Image studio or even companies involved in web-based applications or CMS.